Maple Leaf Real Estate

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Maple Leaf Seattle WA

Maple Leaf is a small neighborhood located in the southeastern portion of the larger area of Northgate, in Seattle, Washington.  It is just south of the famous Northgate Mall, and is bordered on the west side by I-5.  A popular story is that early settlers used to say the area was, “so far north, it might as well have been Canada”, and was named Maple Leaf as a joke.  There are approximately 20,000 residents in this area, and they are famous for living in classic Seattle style.  To the south is one of the largest private primary schools in the city, The Fairview School, and the historic Waldo Hospital.  Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon is located in this area, and their homemade noodles are not to be missed.  Maple Leaf also has the odd characteristic of having a rare flock of feral parrots (descended from escaped pets) living locally.

Maple Leaf Homes and Condos

Homes in Maple Leaf are classically “Seattle,” and there are a wide range of bungalows, townhomes and craftsman style homes available.  In the past decade, there has been a lot of new construction in this area to make room for these modern, highly sought after craftsman-style homes, and the neighborhood is ideal.  There are a lot of fun, funky businesses in the area, but it is still largely residential, and downtown is only 15 minutes south.  Maple Leaf homes take full advantage of the natural surrounding beauty, and create an atmosphere with it that is unique and colorful.